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Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon is a must for every household! It’s useful for a wide range of applications, it smells wonderfully fresh and vibrant, and it’s one of the most economical aromatherapy oils available.

Lemon oil comes from the cold expression of fresh lemon peels and smells bright, fresh, and, lacking a better description, "lemony”.

Some of lemon oil’s many properties include: antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, insecticidal and tonic.

Lemon essential oil comes, of course, from the fruit of the lemon tree.  The tree is believed to be a native of China, arriving in Europe by way of Persia. Later, Christopher Columbus brought the lemon seeds with him to Hispaniola (now Haiti/Dominican Republic).  Today, lemon oil is mainly cultivated in California and southern Europe.  

It takes about one ton of fresh lemons to yield six or seven pounds of lemon essential oil! 


Because of its antimicrobial action, lemon is one of the most important oils for supporting the immune system.  Diffuse lemon into the air for treatment and prevention of colds, coughs and other respiratory problems.  

You can also use lemon oil for facial toning and cleaning; its astringent qualities can be helpful for acne and excessive oiliness.

Emotionally, lemon has a cheerful, positive aroma and energy, and can help lift a sluggish or negative state of mind.  

It can also help with focus and concentration.  A study done in Japan showed that diffusing lemon oil throughout a busy office building reduced typing errors by 54%.

Try adding a few drops to a candle diffuser when learning new material or studying for an exam.

Lemon oil is also a fantastic addition to household cleansers and sprays.  Add a drop or two to your dish soap or general cleanser to brighten countertops, floors and bathrooms.  To combat mold and mildew, try adding four drops of lemon oil, three drops cinnamon oil and three drops tea tree oil to two cups white vinegar and spray onto affected areas.

Cautions: While lemon is considered a safe, non-toxic oil, it is important to use it appropriately.  As with many oils, lemon should be diluted before use on the skin. As a general rule of thumb, add five drops or less of lemon oil per teaspoon of carrier oil.

Lemon is a photosensitizing agent, meaning it can increase the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet light.  Do not use on the skin or in a bath for 12 hours prior to sun or sunlamp exposure.


Botanical Name: Citrus limonum

Origin: California

Family: Rutaceae

Aroma: Fresh, citrus

Perfume Note: Top

Method of Extraction: Expressed

Source: Fruit peels

Main Chemical Components: Limonene, terpinene, pinene

Blends Well With: Neroli, clary sage, bergamot, citronella, orange flower, galbanum essential Oils.

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