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Beginner's Guide to Essential Oil Roll-On Blends

Posted on March 21 2016

If you’re just getting started with essential oils, there is a lot of information out there on all the different oils and what they could be used for.  To add to the confusion, there’s also a ton of different ways you can embrace the benefits of essential oils.

Which is the best way to get the benefit of a particular essential oil? 

What about for different ailments?

Does it dilute the effectiveness of the oil to use it with a carrier oil?

Are there risks in using oils incorrectly?

Don’t worry, here at PeLoHa we want to make it a bit easier on you!  In this blog, I’ll talk specifically about roll-on blends and how to get the most out of them.

First, for those who are brand-spanking-new to essential oils, what is a roll-on blend in the first place? 

Simply speaking, a roll on blend is when you combine an essential oil (or five) with a carrier oil, then place the mix into a glass bottle with a rolling ball applicator at the end. 

how to use roll on essential oil blends

Roll ons are extremely popular because they make it so easy to travel with your essential oils.  You can take your favorite stress-relieving blend with you on a long trip, to your workplace, or to the doctor’s office. 

Or, you could keep specific blends with specific items, making it easy to take a motivating blend with you to the gym, or a soothing sleep blend with you when you travel.

Which oils or blends work the best in a roll on applicator?

Not all blends or oils work well as a topically applied solution.  Some oils are much more intense than others, such as Clove oil, and should be tested and used with caution.

Some oils work extremely well when applied topically, and are popular natural methods for treating certain physical ailments.  What you accomplish with a topical application varies from oil to oil – some work well at helping to treat acne or skin scarring, for example, while others can help stop a headache in its tracks.

Which oils work well for a roll on blend, though?

That depends on what you want to get out of them!

Our Pocket Blends are a great place for essential oil beginners (or even experienced enthusiasts who want an easier option than mixing their own blends) to start.  Each blend has a description on the page of what they work well for, as well as the specific oils in each one, to help you determine if they’re a mix you’d like to try for yourself.

The Bounce blend, for example, has Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, and Petitgrain in a carrier oil blend of jojoba, sweet almond, and grapeseed oils.

Rosemary is a versatile, stimulating-yet-grounding oil that has a myriad of uses that tie in to boosting your energy.  This study showed that smelling Lavender and Rosemary helped reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) measured in saliva – and noted that there was a particularly strong correlation with the concentration of Rosemary. Rosemary uplifts while also reducing stress, making it an ideal candidate for an uplifting blend.

rosemary essential oil to combat depression

We mix Rosemary with Ylang Ylang, an oil that has been used in aromatherapy to combat depression and lower blood pressure.  With the stimulating effects that rosemary can have, pairing it with an oil like Ylang Ylang helps keep you balanced.  We also paired these oils with Petitgrain, an oil known to uplift the mood while also reducing stress levels.  As well as Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain is also used in aromatherapy to combat depression. 

So, when you’re having a rough morning, roll a little bit of Bounce blend onto your pulse points.  I’m fond of using Bounce blend on my wrists, as I tend to lift my hands up to rub my temples or run my fingers through my hair when I’m stressed.  When I do that, I can smell the blend, which helps calm me and I can go back to what I was doing. 

I’ll also open it up and take a deep breath with the bottle a couple inches from my nose – inhaling the smell and getting the aromatherapy benefits of the oils as well.

Wait, wait, wait – now I’m talking about where to apply the oils.  How do you know where to apply which blend?

In general, topically applied essential oils work best on pulse points – areas of your body where your blood vessels are close to the skin.  This allows your body to absorb some of the beneficial components of the oils in a safe, natural way through the skin.  It’s harder to overdo the oils when they’re applied in the carefully diluted blends in a roll on bottle. 

roll on essential oil blends work well on pulse points

If you’re trying to fight stress, apply your roll on blend to your temples, the base of your neck, or to the bottoms of your feet.  I’d suggest the foot application be saved for the privacy of your home or hotel (if you’re traveling), as your coworkers or fellow plane travelers might look at you a bit funny if you’re taking your shoes off to rub on some essential oils!

You may remember me talking about muscle soreness and the soothe blend earlier this year, as I started going back to the gym for my New Year’s Resolution.  Even if you’re not working out, you can still get sore muscles or feet from standing, uncomfortable airplane seats, or a long drive.

The Soothe essential oil blend can be applied to pretty much any part of your body that’s hurting.  This blend, like other blends specifically for pain relief, can and should be applied directly to the part that’s hurting.  Your legs, arms, back, or any other muscle group will appreciate the soothing effects of the oils, as well as the massaging effect of the ball applicator in your roll on bottle! 

muscle soothing essential oil blend

For sleep, the roll on sweet spot is your temples and the base of your neck – as well as your feet!

Why the feet?

While there’s quite a few misconceptions out there about specifically why you’d apply essential oils to your feet, the best reason is for the energetic and spiritual benefits.  While the pores are bigger, it’s because your feet sweat a TON, so they don’t really absorb anything any faster than the rest of you. It’s also not really the same as a reflexology treatment – a foot rub will feel nice, but doesn’t accomplish the same things as an actual treatment.

What applying essential oils (diluted with a carrier oil) DOES do when applied to the feet is help you feel grounded and rooted to the earth.  This is why it works well for stress relief – the blends that you apply to your feet (then massage in) help you relax and get out of the stressful circles your mind is running around itself.

Because of this, it’s alright if you don’t necessarily use your oils on your feet.  You can still get a ton of great benefits by applying them to pulse points closer to where your nose can smell them!

I am particularly fond of applying a blend for sleep, or for motivation, in a small dot on my breast bone.  My body heat warms the blend and makes it aromatic again, which is perfect for when I rollover in bed, or if I’ve applied the Move blend as I head in to the gym.

I hope this was helpful for you – share your tips, blends, or favorite oils for on the go in the comments below.

May your week be filled with Peace, Love, and Happiness!   PeLoHa!

-Jen, your friendly essential oil enthusiast  


  • Jen: March 23, 2016

    Hi Shannon!
    At this time, our roll on blends are only available in the pre-made massage blend that contains nut oil.
    But… luckily, all of our blends are blended in their pure form, so you can get ANY blend that is NOT a pocket blend (or massage blend) and just add it to a carrier oil of your choice.
    When in doubt, just check the product description – it’ll tell you exactly which oils are in it, and whether or not it’s mixed with a carrier oil already. :)

  • Shannon J: March 22, 2016

    I have an allergy to gluten and nuts. Would I be able to get some oil blends from ya’ll that have a coconut oil base or non-nut or wheat base?

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