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Burn Fat Naturally with Grapefruit Essential Oil

Posted on January 22 2016

We all know the health benefits of grapefruit.  We’ve seen the movie tropes of supermodels and dieters trying to lose weight and eating just a single grapefruit half for breakfast.  It’s a nutritionally rich food, full of antioxidants, vitamins, and low on calories.  It’s regularly touted as one of the healthiest foods you could eat – no wonder it’s such a commonly recommended diet food.

Grapefruit’s weight loss boosting effects aren’t just anecdotal, either, they’re backed by scientific research.  Mice consuming diluted grapefruit juice and a high fat diet gained less weight than mice consuming water and a high fat diet!  In addition, they tried a specific compound within grapefruits and compared its effects against a blood glucose lowering drug – and the mice consuming grapefruit experienced the same glucose reducing effects as the drug.

This paper is a bit technical, but the gist of it is that grapefruit helped reduce blood pressure and did not cause any problematic interactions with medication when taken in moderate amounts.  In high amounts and combined with specific medicines, though, it did cause some concerns.  This is one reason to consult with your doctor before consuming the essential oil – it can have a fantastic effect on your blood pressure, but it can cause problems in high doses with specific medications.  Use your essential oils carefully! 

burn fat naturally

If you’re not a big fan of eating grapefruit (like me!), then you may wonder how you can still enjoy the benefits the fruit offers as far as weight loss and mood boosting effects. 

Luckily, you can enjoy a ton of the benefits (although not the nutritional ones) by using grapefruit essential oil in multiple ways!

As a weight loss boosting oil, it’s one of the best you can have in your collection.  While we don’t recommend consuming oils without your doctor’s guidance, there’s a few ways you can use it topically or in your diffuser and still enjoy the effects.

An immediate effect you can utilize right now is mixing 1 drop of grapefruit essential oil, 1 drop of patchouli, and a drop or two of your favorite carrier oil and rubbing it into your wrists whenever a food craving strikes.  This is extremely effective at curbing your food cravings, and can help boost your metabolism, too!  Simply smelling grapefruit slows down the brain process that leads to you getting the munchies – so diffuse regularly to keep your munchie cravings away!  

grapefruit essential oil fat loss

Diffusing grapefruit essential oil can also help if you happened to overindulge on alcoholic beverages the night before.  It’s been shown to help reduce headaches and sluggishness the next day, and you can also add a couple drops of the oil to a little water and rub it gently into your skin.  It’s most effective used on your throat and neck (again, diluted with some water) to help stimulate your gallbladder and liver.

You can also turn grapefruit essential oil into a topical massage blend by combining 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil with 1 oz of coconut oil to rub into areas you’d like to reduce cellulite and firm up your skin. 

But wait!  Grapefruit has even MORE topical use benefits.

When applying topically, it acts as a diuretic, helping you shed water weight.  Plus, it’ll stimulate your lymphatic system, detoxifying your body and making you feel more energetic.  Combined with the blends that you can diffuse to help stay motivated and on track, grapefruit essential oil can be a major boost to your weight loss efforts. 

weight loss grapefruit essential oil

Try grapefruit essential oil for yourself, and experience the many benefits!   If you love it and the effects it has on your body, save 15% every time you get more by subscribing. 

Share your results using grapefruit oil with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and help others in our friendly community lose weight too!  :)

-Jen, your friendly essential oil enthusiast


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