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Quickly and Easily Lose Weight With Rosemary Essential Oil

Posted on January 13 2016

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, we tend to think of commitments - what are you going to commit to this year? What are you going to change for good?

It’s a strong, fresh feeling when you start to flex your brain muscles to wrap your head around your new goals. Of course, this also leads us to excuses - whether we act on them or not. But it’s easy to keep a running tally of why you can’t make that forever change.

Get this: 30% of all New Year’s resolutions are broken by February! And 85% of those resolutions are weight loss and health related! If you’re in that 85% of resolution-makers, then you might want to start thinking about Rosemary essential oil.

How many times have you let what you want in the moment outweigh what you want most?

How many times have you fallen into that 30% of people who break before month two?

rosemary essential oil weight loss aid


It’s time to put a workhorse essential oil in your diffuser to motivate, support commitments, combat the mental fatigue of telling yourself “no”, and is scientifically proven to reduce feelings of hunger! Rosemary is an energizing oil with a strong, herbaceous aroma that is known for relieving muscle aches and soreness. It’s also a proponent of healthy digestion (although you should talk to your doctor before eating the essential oil). 

The herb rosemary has always been popular in mediterranean cuisine, and it is from the leaves of the rosemary bush that this oil is extracted. Spanish Rosemary essential oil is primarily cultivated in South Africa, and has had many historical uses dating back to Egyptian temple rituals and Roman healing potions.

The real health benefits of Rosemary came to light in the 15th century when Swiss German botanist Paracelsus posited that the herb was a sort of cure-all, purging the body of toxins on a regular basis to prevent illness, rather than treat illness as it happens. He was somewhat right as Rosemary is proven to treat digestive disorders, improve digestive circulation, and is a diuretic - which is a surprising way to get your weight loss resolutions underway!

rosemary essential oil

Rosemary is an incredibly strong essential oil, much like the leaves themselves when you use it in your cooking.  Make sure that if you use it topically, you dilute it with a carrier oil first - and pregnant women should avoid it just to be safe. 

The stimulating effects of rosemary mean that it's a great pick-me-up for the middle of the day, and it's muscle relaxing effects are a big reason why it's in our muscle soothing essential oil blend

Looking for some of the effects to use on those muscles sore from working out?  Not only are there tons of options (that work really well), try this simple massage oil mix to relax tight muscles:

10 drops coconut oil

3 drops rosemary oil 

1 drop lavender oil 

Rub between your palms, then in smooth, circular motions, firmly massage the mixture into the sore muscle.  

rosemary essential oil

So if you make one commitment this year, commit your diffuser to Rosemary essential oil. It’s energizing, herbal scent blends well with naturally detoxing citrus like grapefruit and lemon, stimulating your senses while stopping your excuses.

Keep it on hand for all the uses it has by trying out a subscription - and save 15% while you're at it.  




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