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Our Top 3 Essential Oil Blends to Make Weight Loss Easier

Posted on January 05 2016

Is one of your resolutions for 2016 to get back to your ideal weight?

If this is not the first time you have committed to living a healthier, more fit lifestyle, then I’m sure you know just how important the mental side of weight loss is.

You could be armed with the best training and diet program out there, but weight loss is more about staying motivated strong through hard times than about logistics!

make weight loss easier

That’s why today I want to share 3 essential oils blends that can help you when you’re sad, frustrated or overwhelmed and start to feel like yielding in to old eating habits.

The right oil can get you out of a funk and back to feeling determined in a heartbeat! :)

  • DIY: Elevate your mood with this citrus, invigorating diffuse blend!

  • When I’m feeling down, diffusing this essential oil blend can quickly make me feel in a better mood. It’s a reminder to be grateful, smile and appreciate what you do have. All that goodwill will get you back on the path to sticking to your goals for fitness! 

    Combine the following in your diffuser of choice:

    It has a clean, invigorating, and cheerful scent that will help you relieve both mental and physical fatigue.

    uplifting citrus blend

  • Pin this image for later!  Check out all of our boards on Pinterest for more inspiration and other recipes :) 
  • Our pre-made roll-on Bounce Essential Oil Pocket Blend
  • When I’m feeling down, we sometimes tend to look for comfort in not so healthy food… and that can really get in the way of our weight loss goals!

    That’s why a powerful “píck-me-up” Essential Oil Blend like Bounce can be so helpful in our weight loss journey.

    I carry it with me all the time, and it never fails to give me that extra boost of healthy energy when I need it!

    It’s made with Rosemary, which is a stimulating, energizing oil, and ylang ylang, which is a balancing, warming oil. Blended with Petitgrain, this blend helps energize without overstimulating!

    bounce pocket blend

    DIY: A powerful shot of adrenaline!

    This trick will probably sound odd to you, but it really works!

    Whenever you’re feeling like your will is fading away, do this to give yourself a huge boost of energy and willpower:

    1. Add two drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to the palm of one of your hands.
    2. Add two drops of Orange Essential Oil to the same palm of your hand.
    3. Rub both palms together to rub the oils into the skin of your palms.
    4. Hold one hand flat, facing your mouth.
    5. Take your other hand, make a fist, and put the bottom of your fist down on your other palm.
    6. Put your mouth to the top of your fist, and suck in deeply, so you’re inhaling the aromas straight through your fist.

    I told you it will probably sound odd :)

    Pin this image so you can come back and try this later - you'll be glad you did! 

    energy boost using essential oils

    As strange as it might seem., it'll definitely get you back to feeling powerful and determined to do what it takes to reach your weight loss goals!

    I hope the tips and tricks I shared in this article will help you stay strong in those moments of weakness we all have. Remember to always keep your why on top of mind, there’s a reason why you got started on this weight loss journey!

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