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Make Your Gifts Look Great - DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

Posted on December 14 2015

Hey there fellow essential oil enthusiasts :)!

I know you might already have the perfect essential oil for your loved ones this Holiday Season, but, do you know how you are going to wrap it?

Don’t worry!  Today I’ll take you through a few awesome ways you can wrap the essential oils you’ll be gifting, so that you can make your gifts look more special (and more expensive too)!

There’s some really creative things we can do to make this happen, let’s get to it!

The Washi Gift Wrap

washi tape wrap

This one is super easy to do!

All you’ll need is a bit of brown Kraft paper (or kraft gift boxes), some Washi tape and your creativity!

First, cover your gift box with the kraft paper and lay the Washi tape over it.  That's it!  Try these designs from DIY Inspired for yourself :) 

You’ll be able to create cute and minimalistic designs that can be ready in just a few minutes!

The Paper Calla Lilies Gift Wrap

paper calla lilies

How beautiful is this design huh?! Can you believe it is also incredibly easy to do?

All you’ll need is a few varied colored paper sheets, a stapler, tape, a hole punch, scissors and some yellow crepe paper streamer.

There’s a bit of cutting a some very simple cutting involved in this one.

They're fairly easy to make, and you can see full details on how to make them for yourself at Oh Happy Day :)  Repeat as many times as you like, and punch a hole in the leaf and flowers for a ribbon that will give this beautiful wrapping idea the final touch!  

Wrapping your gift in beautiful boxes made from paint swatches

DIY paint swatch boxes

I LOVE these easy-to-build boxes, they are just perfect for cute little gifts (like our PeLoHa Essential Oils) :) .

And they can really capture the spirit of the holidays if we use the correct color combinations!

You’ll need a few paint swatches sheets, a X-acto knife, a cutting board and some double-stick tape.

Follow the easy cutting instructions you’ll find in the images below, bend the flaps following the scored line and stick them together with the tape to build your own awesome gift boxes!

paint swatch box

You can read more details about these adorable boxes on the How About Orange blog :) 

Really cool ideas right? They are perfect for wrapping up any small gifts you're giving this season - like essential oils, or diffuser necklaces! 

They are so fast and cheap to make that I know you will never buy any more gift wrap, and that your loved ones will LOVE receiving their essential oil gits in these awesome wrappings :)!

Still not quite sure what to get your loved ones for the holidays?  Don't miss our posts about what to get your mom, or the essential oil lover in your life for Christmas! 

-Ashley, your Aroma Ambassador

DIY wrapping paper


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