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Easy Essential Oils Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

Posted on November 27 2015


NOTE: Order by December 14th for guaranteed delivery by Christmas!

How do you figure out what to give an essential oil enthusiast for the holidays?

Worry not!  PeLoHa has your guide right here.  There’s a few easy wins when it comes to giving essential oils as gifts, and that’s what we’re here to do for you.

holiday gift guide

Just Getting Started:

For the essential oil lover with only one or two oils, or someone without any that’s expressed interest in trying them out, there’s three oils that every newbie should have.  Those are Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint!  These three oils are fairly “easy” scents, in that most people enjoy them, and they have so many uses it’s not even funny.  Learn more about just how amazing an oil like Lavender can be in our blog all about it!

Don’t want to worry about which ones or how much to get?  We do have these three popular oils as a Getting Started Bundle, linked for you here. :)

Must Love Oils:

For the enthusiast you know who is using oils all day, every day, there’s definitely oils that are used again and again.  For cleaning, for freshening the air, pain relief, relaxation, and more – pick any of the following six blends and you’ll have an easy win for the daily essential oil user in your life!

Alert – for alertness, concentration, and improved memory

Clarity – to help fight mental fatigue

Bounce – to provide balanced, sustained energy

Protect – germ blasting combination of oils

Relax – to quiet and soothe your body after a long day

Sleep – to find restful sleep and sweet dreams

Order them alone, or get the full bundle (at a discount) here!

Take Essential Oils on the Go

For the essential oil lover who has oils on them at all times, and in every situation, there’s tons of easy pocket sized blends for them.  These little easy to carry boosts are perfect for travel, and come in a convenient roll-on applicator.

You can make them yourself (check out tutorials on blends and how to re-use the applicators on our Pinterest page!), or you can snag some in a bundle for a slam dunk.  Why choose just one?

Every Room of the House

If the oil enthusiast you know is someone who prefers to simply diffuse their oils in the home, that’s the easiest gift of all.  There are so. many. types of diffusers out there, you can find one to fit the style of anyone you know!

You can make diffusers yourself (we have a tutorial for you in this blog post!), or you can find something gorgeous online or at a local specialty shop.  You’ll want to make sure to pick up some extra tea lights!  Your friend or loved one will thank you when they diffuse their oils next.

Wear Them Everywhere

For some, oils are an immense help in battling pain, anxiety, or other ailments.  They can help keep you calm all day, provide a welcome mood boost, or keep respiratory problems at bay.  For these people, it can be hard to find oils to give them as gifts – they probably have a very specific combination they prefer to use. 

However, they may not have the ability to wear their favorite oils without consistently applying them to their skin.  Or maybe they’d just like something beautiful as a conversation piece, and as a way to diffuse oils with them all day.

For those people…there are diffuser necklaces and bracelets!  These are fantastic little accessories that many enthusiasts may not have, as they may not treat themselves to something nice when they have to keep up on the oils they use day to day.  A diffuser necklace or bracelet lets your friend or family member know you understand their use of oils, and provide support for the relief they find in them.

Plus, they’re super cute!

Look for more holiday gift giving guides this week – and pin this infographic for later!  You can even send it to someone special as a hint for what you’d like… ;)

-Jen, your friendly essential oil enthusiast  

essential oil holiday gift guide


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