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The Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Posted on November 25 2015

The Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those things that you really can’t shake – and if you’ve got anxiety, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s not that there is anything in particular that’s wrong, you just can’t shake that feeling that something might be wrong, or could go wrong, or what if….


Stop worrying.  Stop getting stressed about how anxiety is making you stressed, which is making you even more anxious (we actually have a blog post about the differences between the two coming up next!).

If you’d like to try some natural remedies to help ease your anxiety, here’s a few oil blends that have worked well for me (and many others!) to calm my nerves and soothe away that anxious feeling.

best essential oils for anxiety


Top of the list, for me, is Ylang-Ylang. The floral scent has many subtle notes that calm the mind and lifts the spirits.  I have it in my diffuser as I write this post!  The scent can be an aphrodisiac as well, but like most smells, it’s all about context.  Ylang-Ylang is a scent that resonates with your spiritual side, and blended with the other oils recommended here, can help balance and ground your anxious soul.

Sandalwood has been burned as incense and in temples for centuries, with its calm and grounding scent aiding meditation and relaxation. With its almost sedative like effects, it’s easy to see how sandalwood would be an immense help in combating anxiety. Careful not to overdo it!  The same beneficial sedative effects can make it tough to stay awake for those last few hours at work.  ;)

Extremely popular for a reason – Frankincense is another oil that’s absolutely wonderful in combating anxiety.  For the same reasons it’s so good at fighting stress, it’s ideal in your own custom anti-anxiety blend.  It helps calm you, ground you, and keeps you balanced.  Plus, it’s currently being studied for its remarkable effects on cancer cells.  Check out the research for yourself here!

For night time anxiety, the kind that keeps you up and prevents you from sleeping, try a little Clary Sage before bed.  It will buoy up your spirit, and has been said to promote dreaming as well.  Ladies, it’s also exceptionally useful during that time of the month – not just calming your anxious nerves, but soothing cramps and other symptoms of PMS.  The versatility of this oil makes it one that I always keep on hand in my home!

clary sage for anxiety

Finally an oil to combat all these sleepy types of oils – Lemon!  This versatile, incredible oil, so great for cleaning, is also a great uplifting counter-balance to all of the calming oils previously listed. I prefer to diffuse it on its own, rather than mixing it with the previously listed oils, as it may be a bit jarring to combine them together.  Lemon is full of a positive, cheerful energy, and will help bring you focus and clarity after a bit of meditation or calming breaths with Sandalwood or Clary Sage.

I hope these suggestions help you calm your nerves and soothe some of that anxiety you may feel during the day!

Please share your own favorites for calming anxious nerves with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!  You can also see recipes and suggestions on our Pinterest page – new pins added every day.  J

Thank you for reading, and may your day be filled with Peace, Love, and Happiness. PeLoHa!

-Jen, your friendly essential oil enthusiast


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