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Frankincense Essential Oil: The Oil You Have to Have

Posted on November 30 2015

Frankincense - The Must-Have Essential Oil

We all go a little mad sometimes, and when life sends you out-of-control it can be hard to manage your feelings and emotions. How do you stay centered when it feels like the world is against you? How do you focus on taking those baby steps back to control? 

Take those quiet moments of self-reflection and enhance it with an ancient aroma that’s still being studied to this day. Woody, sweet, and with refreshing lemon top notes, Frankincense is a spiritual oil that soothes, warms, and aids meditation. 

Inhaling Frankincense centers the mind and relaxes the body. This grounding scent sends a message to the limbic system, or the part of the brain that controls emotions, and slows breathing, reduces heart rate and blood pressure, and increases the immune system. 

By using Frankincense essential oil in safe spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices, you can create an atmosphere to calm the spirit and revitalize focus. This is why it has been used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies, on alters and in temples.

frankincense essential oil

Your body is a temple; it’s time to treat it like one!

Frankincense also happens to be renowned for its use in skin care, and its ability to tone and care for mature skin. Frankincense may be old, but so is its reputation for keeping us looking young! Ancient Egyptians used the oil in rejuvenating face-masks, and there’s no reason they should have all the fun. Try using Frankincense essential oil on stretch marks and surgery scars and see how fast they fade! This is because Frankincense promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells while keeping existing skin cells healthy.

What may be the most exciting and important effect of Frankincense is its natural ability to boost the immune system. Inhaling Frankincense is helpful in treating colds, coughs, and bronchitis. Some research has even been done on using Frankincense essential oil to treat and prevent breast cancer! More research is still needed, of course, but the early results are incredibly promising.

If it's mental peace you're after, this is the oil for you. A purpose-driven oil with all the notes for a meditation champion, use it anytime you feel the world getting away from you - Frankincense will pull it back into view. 

-Jen, your friendly essential oil enthusiast 

Frankincense essential oil




  • Michelle: September 05, 2016

    Hi I’m currently getting ready to start treatment for breast cancer and though I believe in traditional meds I also believe there is a need for alternative meds. Many have told me Frankencense is a must. Do you think a massage oil of Frankencense is what they mean or more of a diffuser? Thanks!

  • Carol Belcas: January 20, 2016

    The Frankincense is wonderful and soothing. Thank you.

  • Kristi Mortensen: January 19, 2016

    I love your e-mails

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